Decking Fasteners


At Hackmann’s we stock a complete line of deck fasteners and related deck building products from the top manufacturers to complete your project from start to finish. No one in the area stocks a more extensive line making this your one stop shop to save you time and money.

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For the right fastener in stock come by and see us at Hackmann’s. Below is a list of some of the top brands and products we offer.


  • TopLoc Deck Fasterners 
  • TopLoc Fascia Screws 
  • TopLoc Fascia Bit 
  • ConceaLoc Hidden Fasteners(100sf) 
  • ConceaLoc Hidden Fasteners(500sf) 
  • ConceaLoc L-Brackets 
  • Cortex Hidden Fasteners - Timbertech colors


  • Cortex Hidden Fasteners 
  • Ledger Lok 
  • Head Lok 
  • Timber Lok 
  • Thru Lok 
  • Trapease Composite Screws
  • Trio Wood Deck Screws
  • Trim Top Screws


  • Hideaway Stainless Steel Hidden Fasteners(50sf) 
  • Hideaway Plastic Hidden Fasterners(50sf) 
  • Hideaway Start Clips
  • Cortex Hidden Fasteners - Trex colors


  • Camo Marksman
  • Pro Fastener Gun 
  • Camo Marksman Fastener Gun 
  • Camo Fasteners(various sizes)


  • Power Pro Ceramic Torx Decking Screws 
  • Galvanized Lag Screws 
  • Galvanized Carriage Bolts 
  • Galvanized Wedge Anchors 
  • Galvanized Nuts and Washers 
  • Large Selection of Misc. Hillman Products


  • Joist Hangers 
  • Post Bases 
  • Deck Tension Ties 
  • Simpson Quickdrive Screws 
  • Large Selection of Misc. Fasteners


  • Cortex Hidden Fasteners - Evergrain colors


  • Invisafast Plastic Hidden Fasteners


  • Deckmaster Hidden Fasteners - 3sizes(10pc) 
  • Deckmaster Hidden Fasteners - 3sizes(100pc)


  • Phantom Hidden Fasteners(50sf) 
  • Phantom Hidden Clip(500sf)
  • Cortex Hidden Fasteners - Fiberon colors


  • Tigerclaw Hidden Fastener Gun
  • Tigerclaw Hidden Fastner (90pc)
  • Tigerclaw Hidden Fasteners(900 clips)
  • Tigerclaw Hidden Fasteners(930 screws)