Lawn Care & Garden Supplies

Need expert lawn and garden advice you can trust?  Come in and get your questions answered!  We have everything you need to enhance your lawn and garden from Fertilizer to Grass Seed by the Pound, as well as our amazing variety of Seasonal Plants. And don't forget to check out our gorgeous Fall Foilage every year! 

Scotts Lawn Pro

As a Scotts Lawn Pro dealer, we receive the full support and training available at the exclusive Scotts Training Institute (STI). STI is where Scotts Lawn Pro retail owners and employees can learn all about today's hottest-selling products with access to limited distribution products.

We stock and have expert advice available for top Scotts Lawn & Garden Care Products:

  • MiracleGrow Soils
  • OrthoGrow Herbicides
  • OrthoGrow Insecticides
  • Lawn Seed
  • Fertilizers

Scott's Lawn & Garden

Grass Seed by the Pound

Growing grass in Missouri can be tough because of the extreme differences in weather conditions between summer and winter.  Whether you need to patch a small spot or reseed your entire lawn, you'll find just the right amount of seed at Hackmann.  We carry an assortment of grass seeds that are chosen based on their ability to grow and thrive in our climate, including:

  • Jaguar Tall Fescue
  • Kentucky 31
  • Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Perennial Ryegrass
  • Creeping Red Fescue
  • Scott's Turf Builder varieties

Our lawn care experts can help you choose the best type for your lawn's shade and growing conditions as well as provide seeding advice.  We also carry a variety of herbicides to help keep your lawn free of weeds and unwanted plants.  

Sprinklers, Hoses, & Garden Tools

Keeping your lawn and garden beautiful is much easier with the right gardening tools! That's why we stock a large assortment of sprinklers, hoses, gardening tools, and accessories to make it as easy as possible.  You'll find everything you need to maintain your gorgeous yard at Hackmann Lumber!

Seasonal Plants

Choose from a diverse selection of plants that you just won't find at big box stores.  We have hardy perennials and truckloads of annuals, for all of your gardening needs. -- all well-kept and maintained daily with a wide selection of hard to find colors at fantastic prices!  Ritter Perennials offers this excellent gardening guide to help with choosing plants that attract butterflies, pollinators, and hummingbirds; as well as plants that deer and rabbits avoid.  

Fall Foilage

Mums the word!  Every fall make sure you come check out our Mums and Fall Plants, Pumpkins, and Gourds selection each year!

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