Composite Decking

Why consider composite decking for your new deck?  It features many advantages over real wood and is less expensive than most capped composite, PVC, and vinyl decking. Features of composite decking include:  low maintenance, resistance to rot and insects, and it's available in a greater variety of colors than natural wood. Homeowners appreciate it as a price-conscious alternative to capped composite or PVC decking.

What is composite decking? It is made of an approximately equal mix of recycled plastic and recovered wood pulp from lumber mills and furniture factories.  It can also include virgin plastic.  UV inhibitors are added as well as pigments and a binding agent.  The blend resembles ground whole wheat flour.  It is formed either by extrusion or by compression molding.

We're pleased to stock EverGrain Classic composite decking.  

Finish your new deck with a stylish selection from our in-stock deck railing systems and dreamy lighting options. 

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