Deck Fasteners

Under deck structural framing fasteners

Great decks start with great structure.  You can depend on a sound and secure deck frame when you use Simpson Strong-Tie Structural Connectors.  We carry a complete line of everything you need.  Select lateral load connectors, ledger attachments, joist-to-beam and -ledger ties, beam-to-post ties, rail post-to-framing ties, stair tread-to-stringer ties, and post-to-concrete bases.  Refer to this handy Deck Connection Guide from Simpson Strong-Tie for help with planning your deck. In addition to Simpson Strong-Tie, we also offer framing fasteners including hot-dipped galvanized, FlatLOK, HeadLOKLedgerLOK, LedgerTite, LumberTite, PowerProThruLOK, TimberLOK, and TimberTite.

Ornamental Outdoor Accents

OZCO Ornamental Accents

Dress up your deck frame with fasteners from Simpson Strong-Tie's Outdoor Accents Collection or OZCO's Ornamental Accents Collection.  We offer decorative matte black post bases, angles, straps, screws, and hex washers.  Now that's a sharp deck!  

Decking Fasteners

What makes for a great decking fastener?  Strong and secure attachment, ease of installation, and a beautiful finish.  We can help you select the right fastener for your materials.  With our wide selection of fastening systems, you're sure to find what you need.  

There are two main types of decking fasteners:  face screws and hidden fasteners.  Want a smooth surface for barefoot enjoyment?  Hidden fasteners are the answer.  They leave the decking surface undisturbed for a smooth, unobstructed look and feel.  Face screws are perfect for applications such as fascia, stair treads, and riser boards.  

Hidden Fasteners

Hidden fasteners are for use with grooved deck boards which have a slot down the length of both edges.  Deck boards can be purchased pre-grooved or can be routed on-site.  Choose from Camo, CONCEALoc, Fiberon Phantom GT, FUSIONLoc, Invisi-FastTiger Claw, and Trex Hideaway Hidden Fasteners.  

Screw Fasteners

Face screw fasteners are available in color-matched finishes and also in a plug style which is virtually invisible when installed properly.  Choose from CortexStarbornTOPLoc, TrapEase3, TrimTop, and TRIO.

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