Real Wood Decking


As always, we also stock a high quality architectural knotty cedar decking and appearance grade cedar posts, along with a wide range of #1 yellow pine treated lumber in lengths up to 20 ft, plus joist hangers, post anchors and galvanized bolts, nuts, washers and colored screws to match your decking material. We also sell TWP - Total Wood Preservative, one of only a few in the area.

TWP Wood Preservative

We stock the 100 Series of TWP wood preservatives (stains)  in 1gal. and 5gal. buckets.  Colors include: Clear, Cedartone Natural, Redwood, Pecan, and Dark Oak.  TWP highlights natural wood grain patterns while deeply penetrating wood to protect against wood degradation/rot, water, sun fading and mildew -- without dull surface buildup.

Warmth of Cedar Decking

We have a tremendous stock of premium knotty cedar lumber and decking. We only stock top quality cedar with exacting standards that provide you with consistent and beautiful wood for your project.  Standards for cedar found at many of our competitors and big box stores allow for more defects and irregularities that will effect the quality of your installation. - More on Cedar Decking

Professional Grade  - KDAT Lumber

What is KDAT Lumber?  KDAT stands for Kiln Dried After Treatment and is a kiln drying process that dramatically reduces warping, shrinking and checking.  

KDAT Lumber is great for decking, railing, around foundations, pole barns, docks & boardwalks, trailer decking, truck beds and shed constuction.  The KDAT process also reduces the weight of the lumber for ease of handling while allowing for instant staining or treatment, with no drying time that comes with typical treated lumber.  Professionals, ask about how using KDAT will reduce your call backs and help satisfy customers. 


Treated Yellow Pine Decking

So, it's time to tackle that deck project? There's no better way to extend the living space of your home beyond those pesky walls than by building a wood deck. What's more, few other home improvement projects provide as much ROI as a wood deck.

You already know that YellaWood® brand products provide the best available protection against rot, fungal decay and termite attack, so order today in either 2" or 5/4" thickness.

That YellaWood® brand name means quality preservatives and so much more. It's how you turn your backyard into your family's new favorite room. - More on Treated Lumber List


Tiger Wood - Hardwood Decking

Naturally rot and insect resistent hardwood decking known for it interesting visual appeal with vivid dark streaks with an average material lifespan over 30 years. - More on Exotic Hardwood Decking