Strong. Natural. T.R.U.E. EverGrain.The beauty of a composite deck isn’t measured by a single deck board. T.R.U.E. beauty comes from seeing the entire deck. That’s EverGrain.

T is for True Color across the whole deck. The unique color variations of each EverGrain deck board work together to produce a harmonious look with natural depth and dimension.

R is for Random Patterns. EverGrain’s random grain patterns never repeat across a single deck board.

U is for Unique Grain Beauty. Character comes from within. With EverGrain, that means putting grains deep down into the board. Their deep grains produce a natural, wood-like appearance.

E is for Exclusive Process. EverGrain’s exclusive compression molding process adds an extra layer of strength with a deeper grain and the random look of real wood.

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EverGrain Envision Distinction Collection

Envision your deck blurring the space between your home and the beauty of the natural world. TAMKO reimagines deck boards with grain patterns and hues taken from nature’s garden. Homeowners with an eye for exquisite detail and with a passion for the outdoors will love the Envision series. Compression molding and bonding helps ensure Envision deck boards stand up to nature’s wild side without losing their charm.

Give your new deck an air of Distinction with the unparalleled beauty found in the Envision Distinction line. Distinction decking is the picture of refined elegance with textured colors and bold highlights as distinct as mother nature's finest palette.

EverGrain Envision Inspiration Collection

TAMKO takes Inspiration from nature with this new line from Envision. The Envision Inspiration series emulates natural textures and two-tone color variations for a look of outdoor authenticity.

Two-tones of softly blended hues create the warmth and character of natural wood. Compression process creates a physical bond between the outer layer and core board to help prevent delamination. Compression molding allows for deep grain wood-like texture and more random patterns for a more natural wood look. Bonded outer layer adds durability for everyday life.

EverGrain Envision Expression Collection

Expression doesn’t always take spoken form. The perfect atmosphere often communicates more to your visitors than words ever could. When you design your deck from TAMKO’s Expression series, your deck speaks for you. An Expression deck uses natural hues and entices guests to enjoy the outdoors without drawing attention to itself. Expression brings family and friends together to lounge and live in one space.

EverGrain Classic Collection

EverGrain is compression molded for the T.R.U.E. look of real wood. EverGrain Composite Decking is made with an exclusive compression molding process that creates the T.R.U.E. look of real wood with natural colors, random patterns and unique grain beauty. EverGrain decking is available in five beautiful colors to perfectly complement any home. A better manufacturing process makes for better deck boards.